Horse Agility

Welcome to Horse Agility – Fun for You and Your Horse!

Horse Agility began in 2010 as a small local club in the United Kingdom. The club was founded by Vanessa Bee, author of The Horse Agility Handbook. Horse Agility fosters clear, positive communication (not control), improved confidence and healthy emotional interactions between horses and their handlers.

  • For you: Horse Agility develops your horsemanship skills, timing, communication & the ability to read your horse.
  • For your horse: Horse Agility develops versatility, attentiveness, and confidence.
  • For you both: Horse Agility a stronger bond, better communication and lots more trust – on the ground and under saddle!

  • Using a neck rope is a step in the process of going from halter and lead-line to working at libery

Heidi Potter received Trainer Accreditation from The International Horse Agility Club in 2011 and is now one of 11 Accredited Trainers in North America.

Heidi’s Horse Agility Training, Play Days & Events are all done in-hand, on the ground.  Check our Event Schedule for upcoming Horse Agility Play Days & Events, held at NECH, Guilford VT and various locations around New England and beyond.

Learn & practice new skills and explore new challenges together with your horse in a safe and fun way. Each Agility Day includes skills training and obstacle work, followed by a fun 10-course competition. All of this work is done in halter only. Simply bring your horse, pack a lunch and enjoy the day with us.

You can even join the International Horse Agility Club and connect, compete and make friends internationally! Learn more >


Horse Agility Resources

All these resources are available in our store

The Horse Agility Handbook, by Vanessa Bee
The Horse Agility Handbook

By Vanessa Bee, founder of The International Horse Agility Club

This book is a comprehensive guide to Horse Agility and includes progressive training on obstacles, sample courses, instructions for building obstacles and more.

The Horse Agility Handbook starts right at the beginning explaining WHAT makes a horse the animal that he is, WHY he behaves differently from humans, and HOW to get his attention before starting training over agility obstacles. Respecting him for being a horse but keeping safety in mind at all times, the attitude of the handler and how to change the attitude of the horse is discussed, as is being patient and giving the horse TIME to learn.

With a focus on the development of your horse in the new and exciting sport of horse agility, founder of the International Horse Agility Clubs, Vanessa Bee, not only covers the training of the horse, but the ins and outs of the sport itself. Safe construction of obstacles and negotiation of the obstacles is explained in detail, as is how to use imagination to develop the scope of even the simplest obstacle or agility course. The Horse Agility competitive levels are outlined and Vanessa explains how to organize a competition and training “play” days.

A troubleshooting section serves as a reference for those moments when it just doesn’t seem to be working. Case studies of real life situations are placed throughout the text.

The Horse Agility DVD

A step-by-step introduction to the sport from the author of the best selling Horse Agility Handbook, Vanessa Bee. Filmed on location at Horse Agility HQ in Devon, England and on Clare Island in the West of Ireland, Vanessa will show you, through 90 minutes of demonstrations, tips and advice, how to get really good at this fast and exciting sport.

You’ll also meet some of the Horses and Ponies which inspired the creation of the International Horse Agility Club in 2010. Make sure you watch the teaser trailer on YouTube