Certified Horsemanship Association

“I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to ride and learn under you. I came here with the intention of working towards achieving a level of certification but walked away with so much more. You inspired me to continue to strive becoming a better horseman and to listen to the subtle messages horses are trying to tell us. your ways of riding, breathing, centering and caring for people and horses left a lasting impression on me. I gained so much more than I thought I ever could. Thank you, Julia”

“Very valuable learning experience from two highly knowledgeable professionals and a great group of peers.” -Ming

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is a non-profit membership based organization, founded in 1967. CHA’s program is designed to help ensure the safety of riding programs and the ethical treatment of horses.

CHA certifies riding instructors and trail guides, accredits riding facilities and provides resources to programs and instructors in the form of published industry standards for group riding programs, student horsemanship manuals and instructor manuals. Additionally, program materials are offered by CHA including helmets, student awards and certificates, posters and other educational resources. CHA’s mission is to promote excellence in horsemanship safety and education internationally, for the benefit of individuals and group riding programs.

CHA offers certification in:

  • Standard English & Western Instructor Certification
  • Instructors for Riders With Disabilities Certification
  • Trail Guide Certification
  • Seasonal Equestrian Staff Certification
  • Equine Facilities Management Certification
  • Recreational Vaulting Certification
  • Driving Instructor Certification
Heidi receiving the 2010 CHA Clinic Instructor of the Year Award

Heidi Potter is a CHA Certified Instructor at the Master Level, and also a Certifier. CHA Certifiers evaluate and certify riding instructors around the U.S. Heidi is also a CHA Certified Level II Recreational Vaulting Coach and Assistant Vaulting Clinic Instructor.

CHA awarded the CHA 2010 Clinic Instructor of the Year award to Heidi Potter. The award was presented on October 23rd at the CHA International Conference, held at The Oakes Equestrian Center in Lake City, Florida. Heidi was chosen for her ability to conduct meaningful clinics and for positively influencing the careers of numerous instructors over the years.

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For more information about CHA and it’s programs visit the CHA Website

From Heidi’s Evaluators when she became a CHA Clinic Certifier:

“Great safety awareness – good eye for details. All workshops were interesting and interactive. Great evaluation skills. Very kind and tactful but to the point. Good leadership skills. People skills are very much a strength. Very mature, professional, down to earth.” – Julie Goodnight, CHA Clinic Staff and Spokesperson

“Heidi has a good knowledge of theory and what is being taught.
She made very helpful corrections, excellent evaluations of all lessons, very organized, excellent eye contact – she sees the whole group. Excellent communication skills, extremely professional, very reassuring and positive.” – Judy Kronenberger, CHA Certified Master Level Instructor/ACI