Bitless Bridles

Bitless Bridles Can Solve Many Problems

Does your horse toss his head, chomp on the bit, brace against your hands, get his tongue over the bit, or offer you resistance in the bridle? Have you had to go to a stronger bit to get control? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions then you should first have an equine dentist examine your horse’s mouth and second consider trying out a bitless bridle.

Heidi has used a variety of bitless options on horses for over 20 years. In most cases the horses are much happier and become more soft, relaxed and responsive.

Contact Heidi for an evaluation and training session if you think your horse might benefit from a bitless bridle. The session would include exercises on the ground and under saddle to help ensure safety and control. Visit our Resources page for Bitless Bridle options, and read Jess’ story below.

A Bitless Bridle Success Story

Date: Friday, June 30, 2017

Below is an e-mail I received from Jess, a clinic participant, regarding the Bitless Bridle we tried on her gelding. After addressing her riding skills (she is an advanced rider), checking saddle fit and confirming that her horse had been cleared physically by a vet and a chiropractor I recommended that we try a Bitless Bridle because the horse was demonstrating an extreme behavior of head tossing, violently biting his chest and throwing occasional bucks while being ridden at trot and canter.

“I wanted to share with you about how well things have been going with the Bitless Bridle you loaned us. I have ridden River each day since we got back home from the clinic and he seems, just like you had said, so much more relaxed. We have walked, trotted and cantered and I have to say that his canter has felt smoother and so much more comfortable to sit to than I have ever experienced! The first 2 rides, he made no moves to “bite himself” or throw his head in any way. The first ride, he actually popped a few very small and playful bucks, an indication to me that he was feeling good. Yesterday, he dropped his head once but I am not completely sure that it wasn’t to get at a fly since it was quite buggy out. I know that it is early in our training with the bridle but I am so hopeful that this could be a lasting thing for us. I have always wanted a horse whom I could ride in a bitless bridle so I am very happy with our progress so far. I keep reading testaments to the bitless bridle being well received in the jumper ring. Since the jumpers are our ultimate goal, I am glad to know that that crowd accepts it! I understand that a bit is required in the hunter ring but I’ve never been a hunter person so this does not bother me much. 🙂

I have ordered my own Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle and it should be arriving any day now.Thank you so much for letting us try take yours home to try.”