Horse Speak®

Everything horses say to each other they say to us. Horse Speak teaches you how to “listen” to what they are saying and how to respond in a way that they can understand. Discover what is needed to safely and quietly establish mutual respect, deepen trust, help any horse overcome trauma, solve undesirable behaviors and reach the level of rapport that dreams are made of.  

Heidi has been studying with Horse Speak founder Sharon Wilsie since 2016, becoming the first Horse Speak Senior Instructor in 2019. She has worked with Sharon and Horse Speak Co-founder Laura Wilsie, on developing webinars, creating online courses, co-teaching online and in-person clinics, as well as helping run the Horse Speak Certification Program. For Heidi, Horse Speak was the missing link in her over 50 years of working with horses. It has bridged the gap between human and horse language, bringing new insights, deepening rapport and providing her with a learnable, teachable format for students of any age and ability. It has lead to calmer, safer, more enjoyable relationships in every situation and with every horse.

A sampling of Heidi’s inspirational experiences.

Horse Speak® vs Training What’s the Difference?

Like myself, many horse people have spent a lifetime (or a long time) developing skills and learning specific methods for working with horses. We have our toolbox and continue to add to it, especially when we meet that horse that asks us, “What else you got?” This is where Horse Speak comes in. 

Horse Speak is Communication, not a Training System.

Training refers to teaching specific cues to illicit a specific response or behavior. Horse Speak founder Sharon Wilsie didn’t design this language system to replace your current training protocol. She designed it to offer a deeper understanding of the horse and a way in. Horse Speak is literally the language of the horse. 

Horses’ natural language is made up of gestures, postures, signals, and breath messages, many of which are incredibly subtle. Once we can enter into the conversation, we can answer every horse’s most pressing questions, in a way that he can understand. (Hint: They almost always regard feelings of safety.)

The initial “conversations” begin from outside a barrier, making this approach to horsemanship safer, calmer, and clearer than any other traditional training methods I have come across. Horse lovers from 5 to 95 can learn Horse Speak and begin having conversations with any horse right away. Becoming fluent in this language involves observation and application along with self-awareness of your body language, energy, and emotions. This leads to a deeper level of understanding and an ability to instill trust, rapport, enrichment, and confidence, bringing your horsemanship to the next level.

Warning: Learning Horse Speak is likely to create a major paradigm shift, one that will affect you and your horse, for the better. It will cause you to “see” your horse through a new lens. Once he knows you know how to communicate, he will have A LOT to say! In 4 years of practice, I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t experienced amazing results from learning and applying Horse Speak. People around the world have had great success working with every age and breed, from wild, young, rescued, green, aged, and highly trained horses, to Zebras.

You Can Learn Horse Speak!

Learning Horse Speak is fun and you will see results immediately.  A few basic “vocabulary words”, a willingness to listen and an open heart are all you need to enter the conversation.  Horses are so willing to help us learn and they appreciate the smallest try.

We have written, audio, visual and hands-on learning tools so you can begin in the way most comfortable for you.

Clinics and Events

  • Check Heidi’s and Sharon’s schedules for upcoming clinics and other events.
  • Host a Clinic in your area. Heidi can help you with registration forms, flyers and marketing.

Private Lessons, Phone and Video Chat

  • Private Sessions are available at Heidi’s farm in Guilford, VT and following most clinics
  • Private Consultations (60 minutes) with Heidi are available via phone or video chat. Contact Heidi for details.

Webinar and Online Courses-Informative, Inspirational, Affordable & Fun!

Learn from Horse Speak founder Sharon Wilsie in the comfort of your own home. Horse Speak Live Webinars are full of information and images, with many containing live video footage. Attendees will have a chance to participate in a live question and answer session at the end of each webinar. Each webinar is turned into an online course which includes a recorded version to view at your leisure, a printable “Skill Builder“ document to aid you in practice with your horse, and a quiz to test your newfound knowledge. A great learning opportunity to set you up for improving communication, building trust, and creating the bond that you both are seeking.

Clinics & Retreats

Horse Speak “First Conversations” Introduction Clinic

Join Horse Speak Senior Instructor Heidi Potter and her horses at the New England Center for Horsemanship. Discover how to listen to what horses are saying and how to respond in a way that they can understand. A few basic “vocabulary words”, a willingness to listen, and an open heart and mind are all you need to enter the conversation.

Horse Speak All-Inclusive Retreats @ Bitterroot Ranch-Dubois, Wyoming

Join Laura Wislie and Heidi Potter for an unforgettable, enriching experience in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming USA.