The New England Center for Horsemanship

The New England Center for Horsemanship (NECH) is located in a quiet, beautiful valley in southern Vermont. The property features 17 acres of open land, brooks, a small pond and an outdoor riding arena. Owners Rob and Heidi Potter have created a peaceful, safe, supportive and enjoyable environment for horse enthusiasts of all ages, levels and disciplines.

The horses at NECH live outside, as nature intended, in small herds. Outside areas are equipped with shelters, sacrifice areas, grazing pastures and plenty of room to roam.

Heidi Potter and NECH hosts several clinics throughout the year which focus on creating safe, educational and enjoyable interactions between horses and their humans.

We welcome you to visit our farm. Please just call ahead to ensure our availability to meet with you, give you a tour and introduce you to our equine friends. NECH is located at 761 Weatherhead Hollow Rd in Guilford, Vermont, the southern most corner of the state. For more details or to schedule a visit call Heidi at 802-380-3268 or  [email]heidi@heidipotter.com[/email] 

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“My boy is one happy horse!! I have never seen him this content. You have created horse heaven” – an NECH boarder