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Deepening The Bond Clinic-Horse Speak, Horse Agility & Clicker Training

November 9 @ 9:00 am - November 11 @ 5:00 pm

Our Deepening the Bond Clinic lets you create your own smorgasbord equine interactions. You don’t need to own or transport your own horse as our lovely herd of equines are available to be your teachers. Sign up for all 3 days and immerse yourself in the total experience, or choose to attend 1 or 2 clinic days. What makes this intimate clinic truly special is the fact that only 6 participants are invited, and it is not open to auditing. This format allows for the best possible learning experience, sending everyone home well equipped to begin a new way of being with horses. It is designed for horses and horse lovers of all levels with the goal of deepening understanding, rapport, confidence, and connection. The result is creating safer, more enjoyable, trusting partnerships. Clinic prices include a delicious lunch each day and a special bonfire/cookout on Sunday evening. Lodging is not included nor available on the farm. The host can provide you with local places to stay.  Clinic Lease Horses Are Available For Every Day
Day 1 Horse Speak® – Nov 9, 2024​​​​​​​​
Join Senior Horse Speak Clinician Heidi Potter as she shares Precise Equine Body Language Skills and the Truly Authentic Language of Horses as learned from friend, neighbor, mentor and founder, Sharon Wilsie. Everything horses say to each other they say to us. Heidi will teach you how to begin “listening” with your eyes, and how to respond by imitating the language system of Gestures, Postures, Signals and Breath Messages that horses use in conversation with each other. Discover what is needed to safely and quietly establish mutual respect, deepen trust, help horses overcome trauma, modify undesirable behaviors, and reach the level of rapport that dreams are made of. A few basic “vocabulary words”, a willingness to listen, and an open heart and mind are all you need to enter the conversation.
Facility horses are provided for this non-riding clinic which includes workshops in theory, interactive exercises, self-awareness practices, herd observation, interpretation, and communication with horses at liberty and in-hand.
Horse Speak will take your understanding and horsemanship skills to the next level. Everyone from experienced horse people to horse lovers with no riding or hands-on experience are invited. Whether you show horses, own horses, volunteer at rescues or are involved in the equine therapy world, learning Horse Speak will provide you with the necessary skills to offer enrichment and mental, physical and emotional support to every horse you meet.
Day 2 Horse Agility – Nov 10, 2024
Horse Agility play improves your horsemanship skills, confidence, connection, communication, and the overall relationship you share with your equine friend. Heidi’s holistic approach to this stress-free obstacle play combined with the use of Horse Speak® methods create a platform for learning how to move together safely, quietly and in harmony with one another on the ground. Agility helps create the necessary obedience skills needed to navigate some of life’s obstacles while keeping horses in a “curious” state.
One main goal of Agility is to communicate using body language, intention and energy, versus pressure on the lead line or halter. This type of practice paves the way to playing together at liberty, and that is an exciting goal! This in-hand practice also helps to deepen understanding, improve rapport and develop mutual trust in the saddle. Calm, clear leadership offers boundless opportunities for safer, more enjoyable relationships between horses and their humans.
This clinic includes information on the sport of Horse Agility based on the International Horse Agility Club of England. Our clinic day rounds out with a fun, judged competition to put your new skills to the test. Everyone is a winner! Horses of all ages and levels are invited as long as they can be safely handled in a group setting or you can work with one of our horses.
Day 3 Positive Reinforcement – Clicker Training – Nov 11, 2024
Positive Reinforcement Training helps establish a communication system between you and your horse. This system is based on knowledge, patience, and empathy. Clicker Training (no clicker needed or used) is a component of this this style of training. It is proven to help solve fear issues and retrain undesirable behaviors quickly and more safely than many traditional methods. It can assist you in breaking through the barriers that prevent you and your horse from finding success in all that you do. This approach to horsemanship makes sense to the horse, creating a tremendous amount of “try” and results in both horse and human staying in a positive and engaging frame of mind. Simply put…….it’s fun!
Clicker Training for horses is a valuable tool that helps promote understanding, desire, and confidence in your horse. This clinic day will introduce the philosophies of this positive reinforcement style of training and the necessary steps to get you started. Treats handed out without intent and mindfulness can create issues, sometimes serious and dangerous ones. Participants will learn the “Don’t mug me.” lesson and how to use different values of treats to keep things interesting and fun, without getting the horse over stimulated. This method of training is proven to be especially helpful in problem areas such as bathing, fly spraying, clipping, trailer loading, standing quiet for mounting, etc. To add in some all important “FUN” we also can use it to teach horses tricks like smiling, picking up a cone, playing fetch, lifting their legs, etc. A fun and informative day awaits you! Horses of all ages and levels are invited as long as they can be safely handled in a group setting or you can work with one of our horses.
For pricing, registration or questions contact host Suzanne Vullers: E-Mail  1-585-775-9164


November 9 @ 9:00 am
November 11 @ 5:00 pm
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