Consultations with Heidi

Phone or Video Chat

Get coaching and guidance without leaving home!

Heidi can help you better understand your horse,  change undesirable behaviors and improve your riding and handling skills. A consultation visit with Heidi can help the pleasure trail rider who wants to experience safer, more enjoyable rides, the Western Dressage rider who would like their test critiqued or a non-rider who simply wants to improve the overall relationship they share with their horse. Your session could include application of the Centered Riding basics, Horse Speak, Positive Reinforcement Training and Self-Awareness training methods. Together you will create a plan that is focused on safety, calmness and effectiveness for both you and your horse.

Sending in a video to review together or doing a live, video session are both valuable ways to enhance the experience but are not a requirement. Much can get accomplished with a phone call and good note taking.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose the session below
  2. Create a list of topics for discussion and video if applicable
  3. E-mail Heidi best possible dates and times to meet [email][/email]  

30 minute session: $50:

60 minute session: $75