Host A Clinic

Organizing a Clinic

Learning from home is the best! Learning for free (or a profit) is even better. Heidi will assist the host to develop a pricing strategy that works for the everyone. View the Clinic Topics and choose what best suites you and your horse friends, or design your own clinic.

Host Site Requirements: 

  • A boarding, teaching and/or training facility to help ensure successful participation rates
  • An enclosed working or riding area large enough to accommodate the event
  • Horse accommodations for people who are trailering in for the clinic (Stabling fees payable to the facility or host)
  • An indoor or covered arena on site. If one is not available, reserving space at a nearby indoor or covered arena in case of inclement weather is required
  • If the event includes an unmounted (humans only) session, a  room or space (heated in colder months) large enough for participants to sit and move around in without horses is necessary
  • Optional: Lease horses available with fees payable to the horse owner or facility
  • 2024 Hosting Agreement Template

Clinic Host Responsibilities:

  • Distribute event flyers and/or brochures. You can create your own or Heidi will provide one for you
  • Market the event within the horse community, on websites, social media, etc.
  • Communicate timely with all interested parties and distribute registration/liability forms
  • Maintain a list of participants, auditors and a waiting list if applicable
  • Collect forms and payments from participants on behalf of the Clinician. Provide registration forms, the original Liability/Information form and payment to the clinician upon arrival
  • Collect and retain all stabling, lease horse and lunch fees if applicable
  • Reimburse the Clinician for travel expenses exceeding more than a 3-hour drive (Airfare or Gas)
  • Reimburse or provide accommodations for the Clinician
  • Reimburse or provide transportation for any clinics requiring air travel

Clinician Responsibilities:

  • Arrive timely and prepared to teach a fun, educational and inspiring event 🙂
  • Teach the clinic with an agreed upon number of participants and auditors. Numbers vary depending on the type of clinic
  • Provide forms and marketing material upon request
  • Market the clinic on equine websites, event schedules, social media pages, etc. as applicable

Event Cancellation Policy:

The Clinic/Event Host agrees to provide clinician with a 90 day notice of event cancellation for events requiring air travel and a 60 day notice of cancellation for the events requiring travel by car. If the event is cancelled after air travel is purchased the host shall reimburse the clinician any fees incurred for cancelling the flight.

Participant Cancellation Policy:

All clinic/event fees collected are non-refundable and are required to be paid in full on the first day of the event.  Should the registered participant or auditor be unable to attend the event their spots and fees are fully transferable to another individual of their choosing.