Bringing Leadership Qualities in 4 Sessions!

These photos represent where we finished on our fourth session with Vaka. Our goal was to achieve relaxation under saddle. Check!

A few weeks ago Vaka’s owner Tahnit contacted me about helping her develop more meaningful, trusting relationships with her two Icelandic horses. In our first session we focused on creating a safe, peaceful environment within the 4-horse herd and on helping Tahnit become all that her horses needed her to be. Vaka is the lead mare and Galen, her gelding, is at the bottom of the pecking order. In the paddock we practiced being centered, grounded, aware and clear in all that we did. The horses took note of our calm, effective leadership as that is of high value to them. We created meaningful conversations about space and who moves who, keeping the energy as low as possible. We greeted and interacted with each horse, intervening when the bolder horses attempted to drive others away. Vaka watched closely as we calmly managed the herd and helped create a peaceful environment for all. In the next couple of sessions we added in-hand exercises and continued our work on Tahnit herself. We discussed the impact that the human’s mental, emotional and physical state has on the horse. Because Vaka lacks confidence out on the trail Tahnit hadn’t ridden her in quite some time. Now Vaca was beginning to understand that Tahnit could take care of her and their mutual trust began to grow. They are now well on their way to a deeper, more trusting, enjoyable relationship which makes my heart sing!

This work is a combination of the Centered Riding basics as applied on the ground and under saddle, my holistic approach to horsemanship and Sharon’s Wilsie’s methods of Horse Speak. If this story intrigues you check out the extensive list of learning opportunities on the “Events” page. Thank you for sharing my journey!

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