Open Heart, Open Mind Book

A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship

You recently sent me “Open Heart Open Mind”. I finally made myself sit still long enough to do some reading, and literally could not put it down. I read up to page 87, took a lunch break, then finished the rest.

I have a little (14 hand) cutting horse bred gelding that sounds just like your Cooper. Smart as a whip but definitely “pony brain”. Yesterday I tried the breathing with him while spending time in his pen. He licked and chewed, dropped his head and did the biggest goofiest yawn.

He’s great at agility and tricks but spooky in the saddle and will do the spin and bolt at the far end of the arena (scary bushes!). I’m encouraged to try your methods before working with him and hopeful that we’ll be able to have some nice calm rides.

Thank you so much!

Open Heart, Open Mind was written for the horse and the horse lover. Follow Heidi, Master Instructor, Clinician and Trainer as she shares how the value of mindfulness, understanding and compassion towards horses will guide you to a truly natural and holistic form of horsemanship, one based on understanding and connection, rather than dominance. Discover how her journey in Traditional Martial Arts and the application of Eastern Philosophies combine to create the “Five Elements of Successful Horsemanship”, Breathing, Centering, Grounding, Awareness, Mindfulness, and Blending. Learn how these elements can enhance your horsemanship along with your daily life.

This 140 page, beautifully illustrated book includes exercises, case studies, lessons in horsemanship and the successes and failures of working with horses of many levels, ages, breeds and temperaments. Does your horse have any undesirable behaviors that you would like to change? Read about Positive Reinforcement Training methods and how they can be used to reshape those behaviors in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner.

This book has something for all horse lovers, whether you are an accomplished equestrian, an educated trainer, a therapy program volunteer or brand new to horses. Order your copy today and take the first step in creating a more enjoyable, safe, trusting partnership with your equine friend.

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