A Partnership Unfolds…Horse Speak Helped Get Us There

Last week I joined the herd in the back pasture where they had found some February grass. After some shedding out I led Riley to the trail head gate where my bridle and bareback pad were hanging. It was finally a beautiful day for riding with good footing.

The entire herd saw us leaving and came charging our way with the lead horse Scout buzzing right up behind and past us. They all raced over the bridge and back to the barn. Riley scooted a bit but didn’t pull on the lead. He stayed with me.

As I brought him to the gate for tacking up he kept looking over his shoulder towards the barn saying, “But, all the others are back at the barn.” Using Horse Speak gestures and breath messages I was able to tell him that I heard him and that he would be safe going with me. He willingly stood to be tacked, walked with me across the brook and up into the woods where I mounted. He lined up quietly, waited for me to mount, we took a couple of breaths and off we went.

I ended our ride up in the back pasture, hopped off and unbridled him. We “grazed” together and then he started heading back to the barn. The others had not come back up to the pasture. Although he was walking only at a normal speed I knew he wanted to rejoin the herd, but whenever he got a ways away from me he would stop and wait. (At almost 16 hands he out-strides me 😉 ) Him waiting proved so much to me. He even waited on the bridge when I went back to the trail head to retrieve the halter and lead. This is what Horse Speak can do.

Waiting for me to catch up……

A Tribute to Partnership……Riley and I had a good relationship prior to my journey into learning Horse Speak which began in 2017. I did everything I knew to help him trust me out in the big world and, we had made great progress. Learning Horse Speak took it to the next level. We don’t know what we don’t know, but I can tell you that you WANT to know Horse Speak if you have any interaction with horses.

Once you know how to truly understand their language, what they are saying to each other, what they are saying to you, how to answer their questions, and how to communicate your desires in THEIR LANGUAGE, the sky is the limit. It has nothing to do with dominance, running them around, disengaging their haunches or teaching them “tricks & cues”. It has only to do with communicating in a calm, clear way that they innately understand. We aren’t teaching them anything as this is THEIR LANGUAGE. Learning Horse Speak begins from outside the fence and at liberty. Any age or skill level can do it. It’s safe, quiet, and so deeply moving. It is changing the lives of horses and humans across the globe.

Waiting on the bridge before returning to the barn & his buddies.

If you do anything with horses, even just love them, click on the link below to learn more and view this years events. Horses are provided for all Horse Speak events. https://heidipotter.com/events/

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