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Open Heart, Open Mind, by Heidi Potter

Open Heart, Open Mind
A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship

by Heidi Potter

In Open Heart, Open Mind, A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship, Heidi shares the value of mindfulness, understanding and compassion towards horses with exercises, case studies and lessons in horsemanship. More >


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Phone Consultation with Heidi

If you are looking for advice concerning your horses' behavior, evaluating a horse prior to purchase or problem solving on the ground or under saddle then let's talk. Sending in a video prior to your call can assist in helping both you and your horse. However, this is not a requirement.

30-minute session $35; 60-minute session $50

Contact Heidi at heidi@heidipotter.com to make an appointment.

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Harmony Caps

Featuring the Japanese kanji for Harmony.

Harmony Caps from Heidi Potter Horsemanship Heidi Potter Harmony Logo

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Centered Riding Books and DVDs

Centered Riding® is an innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery. Centered Riding® encompasses all seats and styles of riding. It teaches a language that allows clearer communication between horse, rider, and instructor. Centered Riding® was developed by Sally Swift, author of the best-selling book and videotapes, and is now taught by Centered Riding Instructors around the world.

Centered Riding I by Sally Swift

Centered Riding I
by Sally Swift



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Centered Riding 2

Centered Riding II
by Sally Swift



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Centered Riding I DVD
by Sally Swift


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Centered Riding 2 DVD

Centered Riding II DVD
by Sally Swift



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Horse Agility

A fun sport that builds clear, positive communication, improves confidence and creates a stronger bond between you and your horse!

Horse Agility Handbook

Horse Agility Handbook
by Vanessa Bee



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Horse Agility DVD

Horse Agility DVD
by Vanessa Bee

A step by step guide to the sport.



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Say Whoa


Uses the power of osmosis (sending water back into the system) to help clear impactions.

Read Heidi's story >



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