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Instruction, Clinics & Other Services

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful training you've given my horses. I am so happy and grateful for their progress and your gentle patience!" -Joanne, CR clinic participant

"I wanted to write about how great an impact you had on my riding. You gave me some invaluable tools that I use 4-5 times a week with my horse. Thanks to the position and relaxation I learned from you, I never ride that I don't feel your input into what I am doing. So, I wanted to thank you and tell you that you had a lasting contribution to my horse endeavors. I also enjoyed you so much as a human being - your family and critters are lucky to have you in their lives." -Gretchen, CR clinic participant

"The way that you put together Centered Riding and Natural Horsemanship is great. The awareness that you get of how sensitive the horse is to body movement and position I found very valuable. I felt so energized after participating in the clinic. It gave more value and understanding for the passion I have always had for horses. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks" - Melinda, CR clinic participant

Bitless Bridle Lessons


Does your horse toss his head, chomp on the bit, brace against your hands, get his tongue over the bit, or offer you resistance in the bridle? Have you had to go to a stronger bit to get control? If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions then you should first have an equine dentist examine your horse's mouth and second consider trying out a bit-less bridle.

Heidi has used a variety of bitless options on horses for over 20 years. In most cases the horses are much happier and become more soft, relaxed and responsive.

Contact Heidi for an evaluation and training session If you think your horse might benefit from a bitless bridle. The session would include exercises on the ground and under saddle to help ensure safety and control. Visit our Links page for Bitless Bridle resources.

Heidi Potter Bitless Bridle lessons

Clinics & Workshops


Heidi offers a variety of cinics & workshops designed for equestrians of all levels and disciplines. Click here for more information about the different types of clinics offered. Clinic hosts also have the option of customizing their own workshop or clinic based on their needs. Every clinic is designed to be fun, safe and informative. Click here for information about Hosting a Clinic.


Centered Riding Clinics

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Centered Riding two-day clinics are open to riders of all levels. Participants will explore and develop an understanding of the basics of Centered Riding (CR); Soft Eyes, Breathing, Centering and Balance, along with Grounding and Self-Awareness. The mornings are spent with riders learning the basics and practicing them through interactive exercises. The afternoons are for application under saddle. Centered Riding clinic participants improve balance, comfort and the overall communication with their horse, resulting in a more content and willing equine partner. Click here for more information about Centered Riding Clinics.

To learn about hosting a clinic at your facility, click here for Clinic Hosting Information.


Equine Legal Consultation

Heidi Potter is available for consultation regarding equine liability cases. She has provided evaluations and/or expert testimony for equine facilities and horse owners. To inquire please call 802-380-3268 or email Heidi@InHarmonyWithHorses.com



Heidi offers riding instruction to equestrians of all levels, beginners through seasoned riders. Students of Western, English, Dressage, Jumping, Trail or recreational riding are always welcome. She has also developed a program for those that are interested in gaining or regaining confidence.

The benefits of training in the Martial Arts and Centered Riding are evident in all of Heidi's horsemanship and riding programs. They lay the foundation for learning mindfulness, improving communication, trust and achieving harmony with the horse. As a CHA Master Level Instructor, safety and comfort of horse and rider, is a priority in every equine interaction.

Heidi teaches at the New England Center for Horsemanship (NECH) and abroad, offering lessons, training, clinics, and workshops. Clients are welcomed to trailer in their own horses or use one of NECH's fine lesson horses. The cost of training or instructing abroad varies based on distance.


Training & Evaluation


Heidi offers training for horses of all ages, all breeds and at all stages of development. Her gentle training program is designed to train new behavior and/or reschool undesireable behavior in a positive, calm, clear and consistent manner. Her goal is to improve the communication and understanding between horses and their humans, thus creating a more safe and enjoyable relationship.

Heidi can help prospective owners evaluate a new horse for insight into temperment, past training, personality and performance.