Heidi Potter Holistic Horsemanship
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Horse Agility
Fun for You and Your Horse!

Beginners Welcome - No Experience Needed!

horse agility club logo

Liberty work -- Whisper and Heidi have fun with the jump.

curtain obstacle

Leading through the curtain

jumping together

Committment at the jump.

Cooper investigates the tarp.

teach a mini to back from gentle pressure

There's a Horse Agility Division for Minis, and one for donkeys too!

On line work - Scout and Deb approach the jump - top photo taken in May, bottom photo in September - notice the improvement in partnership!

“I do love how obedient my horse is after spending a whole day doing ground work. It seemed like he was an entirely different creature than all the other horses on the show grounds. There were so many horses having issues with basic ground manners, trouble bridling, trouble mounting, trouble standing, trouble loading, some with all these issues. Made me appreciate every moment I've spent gaining my horse's trust and being able to communicate so clearly with him”
- Jerilyn

Welcome to Horse Agility! This fun sport began in 2010 as a small local club in the United Kingdom. The club was founded by Vanessa Bee, author of The Horse Agility Handbook. Its work fosters clear, positive communication (not control), improved confidence and healthy emotional interactions between horses and their handlers.

  • For you: Horse Agility develops your horsemanship skills, timing, communication & the ability to read your horse.
  • For your horse: Horse Agility develops versatility, attentiveness, and confidence.
  • For you both: Horse Agility a stronger bond, better communication and lots more trust - on the ground and under saddle!

Join the International Horse Agility Club and connect, compete and make friends internationally! Learn more >

Heidi Potter received Trainer Accreditation from The International Horse Agility Club in 2011 and is now one of 11 Accredited Trainers in North America.

Horse Agility Training, Play Days & Events-All done in-hand, on the ground.

Check our Schedule for upcoming Horse Agility Play Days & Events, held at NECH, Guilford VT and various locations around New England and beyond.

Learn & practice new skills and explore new challenges together with your horse in a safe and fun way. Each Agility day includes skills training and obstacle work, followed by a fun 10-course competition. All of this work is done in halter only. Simply bring your horse, pack a lunch and enjoy the day with us!

Horse Agility Resources

Horse Agility Handbook

The Horse Agility Handbook

Written by Vanessa Bee, the founder of The International Horse Agility Club, this comprehensive guide to Horse Agility includes progressive training on obstacles, sample courses, instructions for building obstacles and more.


24.95, plus $2.89 shipping within the US.

Horse Agility DVD

The Horse Agility DVD

by Vanessa Bee

A step by step guide to the sport.

$29.95, plus $2.15 shipping within the US.

Training for Agility

Horse Agility training promotes safe and respectful partnerships between you and your horse. It begins with self-awareness and developing a good set of horsemanship skills on the ground. One important goal is to achieve clear communication and the ability to move your horse in every direction and gait, through use of body language, not through applying pressure. Attending workshops or clinics on horsemanship skills, improving relationships, round pen training, obstacle training and confidence building are all good sources of education.

HAAT’s (Horse Agility Accredited Trainers)

HAAT’s are knowledgeable instructors and trainers who uphold the values of the sport for horse and handler. The program promotes improved partnerships, confidence, communication, (not control) and FUN, between humans and horses. All participants begin competing at the Starter Level in halter and leadline, working towards developing the necessary skills and communication that will lead them towards performing at Liberty. Many horse agility trainers schedule training/play days to allow for practice and problem solving.

How & Where to Compete

All competitors begin competing in halter on the Starter Level obstacle course and move up the levels when they have achieved the appropriate amount of points. The popular OLHA (On Line Horse Agility) competitions allow horse enthusiasts to compete internationally, without ever leaving home. Participants simply download the monthly obstacle course, set it up, practice and then send in a video of their performance. Videos are judged monthly and the results are posted on line. You can see where you placed within your country as well as internationally. You will even receive a personalized e-mail with your individual obstacle scores and comments. Check our schedule for videotaping opportunities throughout the year.

How To Get Started

It’s easy-just visit www.TheHorseAgilityClub.com and click on “Join the Club” & “Become a Member”. Upon joining you will receive an e-mail asking how you heard about the club (that is where you mention my name), information about yourself and your horse. The club will then mail you a Club Handbook and membership cards for you and your horse. You can begin practicing and competing through OLHA right away. That is all there is to it!