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Heidi Potter Clinics & Workshops


Heidi Potter offers a wide variety of clinics and workshops for riders of all levels, from walk/trot pleasure riders to seasoned competitors of any discipline.

Every event is designed to be safe, enjoyable and educational. Any and all breeds of horses are welcome to attend, including gaited breeds. Stallions and very young or green horses require prior approval.

Organizing a Clinic

Learning from home is the best! Learning for free (or a profit) is even better. Clinic hosts receive a free participation spot in any clinic in exchange for organizing and hosting. Click here for information about organizing an event or clinic.

When organizing a clinic, you can work with Heidi to design your own clinic or select one from the list below.


Choose from the clinics listed below or customize your own event based on the needs and desires of your horse community. These clinics are all taught as two or three day events. Contact Heidi today to discuss and schedule your event. heidi@heidipotter.com or 802-380-3268


Most* of Heidi’s clinics can be offered as a one-day workshop added onto an existing 2-3 day clinic or held during the week as a stand-alone event. Workshops allow hosts to mix and match topics for diversity.

*Exceptions are the Pleasure Trail Riders Clinic, CHA Instructor Clinic and Western Dressage/Obstacle Combination Clinic co-taught with Cathy Drumm.


Centered Riding Clinics - Schedule as a 2 or 3 day event

Centered Riding Multi-Discipline Open Clinic

Riders of every discipline and level are welcomed to participate in these open clinics. Walk/trot riders to seasoned competitors will benefit from obtaining a thorough understanding of the Centered Riding basics. Participants will learn how to communicate more clearly through their bodies, leading to a more relaxed, trusting and enjoyable relationship with their horse.

Centered Riding for Pleasure Trail Riders Clinic

Pleasure trail riders of all levels and breeds of horses will love this clinic. The goal of this clinic is to explore how the basics of Centered Riding will help participants develop a more safe, secure, balanced and comfortable seat on their horses. Exercises will be taught that can be practiced while out on trail to improve yourself and your horse. This clinic will include Natural Horsemanship ground skills and obstacle work to help establish a more trusting partnership with your horse. Work out of the ring will be included if the facility can safely accommodate it. The goal of this clinic is to help ensure that your future horse experiences will be more safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Centered Riding for Gaited Horse Riders

Learn the basics of Centered Riding and how they apply to Gaited Horses. Although gaited breeds are welcomed in all of my clinics, this one is designed exclusively for them. Participants will discover how they can ride more securely and comfortably while supporting the natural movement of these special horses. This clinic will help clarify some of the myths in regards to training and riding the gaited horse.

Holistic Horsemanship Clinic - Most Popular Clinic
Improve Comfort, Confidence, Communication & Understanding

This unique 3-day clinic begins with an interactive workshop designed to deepen your understanding of horses, their behavior, how you affect them and how you can improve your overall communication. The second phase of this clinic is designed to help create mutually respectful and enjoyable relationships on the ground. Positive Reinforcement Training & Clicker Training can be included. (No clicker needed or used). The third phase includes mounted sessions to help you become the most calm, confident, clear, balanced rider possible using the Centered Riding Basics to help you and your horse. Discussions of bits, Bitless Bridles and tack fit will be included. The goal of this popular clinic is to provide a safe, fun and educational experience that helps lead you to a more safe, trusting and enjoyable partnership with your equine friend.

Creating Harmony with Horse Speak
Co-Taught by Sharon Wilsie & Heidi Potter

Sharon Wilsie and Heidi Potter have partnered to offer a clinic like no other. Combined they bring over 80 years of horse experience, a passion for teaching, a sense of humor and a commitment to helping horses and their humans. Using principals derived from their training in traditional martial arts, Heidi and Sharon will set students on a journey of deeper understanding about themselves, the world around them and how it all affects their horse’s behavior.

This 3-day clinic is about approaching horsemanship from a patient, compassionate, heart centered place, beginning with mindfulness and self-awareness. Through interactive exercises, herd observation and hands-on application, participants will learn the fundamentals of Horse Speak. Understanding horses’ incredibly subtle communication system and how to offer a meaningful and appropriate response will bring your horsemanship skills to a new level. The lessons learned will set you on a pathway of understanding and give you the tools needed to help support horses, emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you are in search of a true form of Holistic Horsemanship then this clinic is for you. Join Sharon and Heidi, and experience what it is like to learn, laugh and love your way into your horse’s heart.

Positive Reinforcement / Clicker Training Workshops

Clicker Training for horses is a valuable tool that helps promote understanding, desire and confidence in your horse. These workshops are designed to introduce the philosophies of this positive reinforcement style of training and the necessary steps to get you started. Clicker training is especially helpful in problem areas such as bathing, fly spraying, clipping, trailer loading, standing quiet for mounting, etc.

Horse Agility Clinic
Fun, Confidence & Obedience Training on the Ground

Horse Agility is a fun way to improve your horsemanship skills, confidence and the overall relationship you share with your equine friend. This clinic is popular for Therapeutic Riding Programs, owners of Miniature Horses, Aged and/or Non-Riding Horses and humans who want to enjoy horses from the ground only. It is also perfect for horses being started or restarted. Each day begins with learning theory followed by skills training in hand. One goal is to improve communication skills through awareness of body language versus halter pressure. The obstacle work builds confidence and provides an opportunity to learn more about your horse and how to best support him.

Horse Agility training will also improve your overall performance under saddle regardless of discipline. These clinics include information on the sport of Horse Agility, handling skills training, Agility Starter Level Course practice and end with a fun, judged Agility competition. Horses of all ages and levels are invited as long as they can be safely handled in a group setting.

Rediscovering Your Horse
Changing Undesireable Behaviors

Having to muscle a horse into submission is not always safe, can be physically difficult and often causes distress in both of you. My positive reinforcement approach to working with a horse requires no muscle. Its goal is to establish a connection with the horse based on understanding and trust. This systematic, reward-based training does not scare the horse or send him into flight mode. It causes him to slow down, relax, think and try, creating an action, not a reaction.

Positive Reinforcement Training will help establish a communication system between you and your horse. This system is based on knowledge, patience and empathy. Clicker Training (no clicker needed or used) is a component of this this style of training. It is proven to help solve fear issues and retrain undesirable behaviors quickly and more safely than many traditional methods. It can assist you in breaking through the barriers that prevent you and your horse from finding success in all that you do. This approach to horsemanship makes sense to the horse, creating a tremendous amount of “try” and results in everyone being happy.
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Relationship Training
Improving Awareness & Communication through Liberty Training

Are you looking for a different way of “being” with your horse? This special groundwork clinic is designed for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of how to read and interact with their horse. Observation and interaction will take place primarily with the horse being at liberty. Learn what your horse needs from you in order to feel safe and begin to look at you as his trusted leader. Deepening your understanding of your horse and how you affect him will help lead you to a more safe and enjoyable relationship. Heidi’s holistic approach to horsemanship relies on developing connection and communication through understanding and connection, not dominance. Lessons taught are largely based on Heidi’s study of the methodology of Piet Nibbelink, a student of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and Sharon Wilsie, creator and author of Horse Speak. Every relationship begins on the ground. This clinic is a great start towards developing the bond that we all seek to have with our horse.

Gaining Confidence and Building Trust Clinic
Mental, Physical & Emotional Training for You Both

This two-day clinic is focused on the horse-human relationship and is designed to help participants improve confidence, communication, and control. Learn how to improve both you and your horse’s mental, physical and emotional state. Each day the learning begins in the classroom, proceeds to groundwork with the horse and finishes with exercises under saddle. This progressive format helps riders and horses work in a safe, calm, clear and practical manner. Participation in this clinic will help ensure that your future horse experiences will be more safe and enjoyable. This clinic is complimented by the blending of Centered Riding principals and Holistic Horsemanship techniques. Riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome!

Obstacle Clinic
Improve Confidence and Trust with Obstacle Play

This clinic is ideal for all riders and all horses, regardless of discipline or riding goals. Improving communication, building trust and gaining confidence will always help create a safer, more enjoyable partnership, whether you are off to a show or headed out for a pleasure ride. Each day begins with discussion, theory and interactive exercises designed to deepen your understanding of horses, their behaviors and how you affect them. Following that session participants will proceed to in-hand relationship training, skill building and obstacle introduction. The afternoon mounted sessions are divided into groups based on confidence, skill and experience level of the horse/rider team. Learn how to succeed with obstacles through calmness, clarity, understanding, patience and praise.

Pleasure Riders Trail Clinic
Put the “Pleasure” Back in Your Pleasure Rides

This clinic is designed for the pleasure rider who is looking to improve comfort, confidence and communication out on the trail. Each day begins with discussion, theory and interactive exercises without the horses. In-hand relationship training, skill building and obstacle introduction follows the morning workshop. The afternoon mounted sessions are divided into two groups based on confidence, skill and experience of the horse/rider teams. The focus will be on understanding what type of support each individual horse needs from its rider in order to become a safer, more trusting and confident partner.

All levels of riders, disciplines and breeds of horses are welcomed. The afternoon mounted beginner sessions are designed for young, green or worried horses (and riders) who would like to improve confidence and develop a more trusting relationship. Participating horses must be controllable under saddle and able to work safely in a group situation. The afternoon mounted intermediate session is designed for horses and riders who have some trail/obstacle experience and would like to improve their communication and skills on more challenging obstacles.

The goal of this clinic is to put the "pleasure" back in pleasure riding by offering guidance and training techniques to help you both improve awareness, communication, control and confidence.

Western Dressage Clinic
Fun, Fitness, & Obedience Training **No Experience Needed**

Experience how the fun sport of Western Dressage can improve the overall fitness, soundness and obedience of your pleasure or show horse. Correctly developing the horse for Western Dressage begins with rhythm and relaxation. Teaching your horse how to become better balanced and more supple will help to improve his overall fitness, leading him to a longer riding career. Through application of the Centered Riding basics riders will improve their riding and overall communication skills. This clinic has something for the horse and the rider, including learning about the sport of Western Dressage. All levels and breeds of horses, along with riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome, including Gaited Horses & English riders.

Western Dressage & Obstacle Training Clinic

With Heidi Potter and Cathy Drumm.

Get two clinicians for the price of one! This clinic offers riders of all breeds and levels a chance to improve the training, fitness and confidence of their equine partners. Walk/trot riders to high level competitors will benefit from Heidi and Cathy's extensive knowledge and kind, compassionate, committed teaching style. Cathy's Dressage lessons will focus on teaching the value and performance enhancement of light, correct dressage. Heidi's Obstacle Training will focus on improving confidence and performance in a progressive, safe, positive manner. Both instructors will focus on helping their riders become the most balanced, soft and supportive rider possible.

CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Standard Instructors Clinic

These 5-day clinics are hosted by CHA accredited host site facilities and are designed for instructors who want to become CHA Certified. Click here to learn more about CHA. For more information on hosting or attending a clinic please visit the CHA website.


Most* of Heidi’s clinics can be offered as a one-day workshop added onto an existing 2-3 day clinic or held during the week as a stand-alone event. Workshops allow hosts to mix and match topics for diversity.

*Exceptions are the Pleasure Trail Riders Clinic, CHA Instructor Clinic and Western Dressage/Obstacle Combination Clinic co-taught with Cathy Drumm.

For more information about any of these clinics call 802-380-3268, or email us at heidi@heidipotter.com.

See what Heidi's clinic participants say

See what Heidi's clinic participants and students say.

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