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Comments from Readers

Open Heart, Open Mind, by Heidi Potter

“This book is beautiful and heart-centered. It is filled with many ways to connect with creatures, large and small. I trust its readers will treasure it. Let me add, I’m not a horse owner.”

“This book is very interesting, keeps you reading and fabulously informative. Love it! I am also using the ideas shared as I prepare for my retirement.”

“I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your book. I plan on finishing the last page and starting all over again! It has arrived a time in my life when I need it most and is filling me with inspiration. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories and your insight.”

“My Friday night: a beer and a good book. I’m really enjoying your book so far. It is really interesting to read about your martial arts experiences and how they relate to horsemanship. Your martial arts training is quite different from the Taekwondo that I trained in. There are some similarities, but they certainly are very different arts. Just found my favorite quote so far. "Opportunities for growth and learning really flourish when things go wrong.” This is so true in horsemanship and everywhere else.”

“This book is so beautiful and well written.”

"This book will open your heart and your mind. You'll learn what is possible with horses when you bring balance and harmony to your horsemanship. Heidi's unique journey takes us from dreaming about her first horse to showing us that every relationship is different and requires a mindful approach. She gives the reader practical advice by sharing her real life stories. What makes Heidi's approach unique is the plethora of experiences from various disciplines she brings to the horse arena. You will be hard pressed to find many people that approach horsemanship in this manner. Thank you Heidi, for sharing your insights and journey." - Dr. Jeannine Berger DVM, DACVB, DACAW, CAWA - VP of Rescue and Welfare at the SF SPCA and first of all horse admirer.

"I've been dipping into your book. Love it!! You write well and keep it entertaining and on point. The photos are good, the inserts summarizing the actions required are excellent! I am so impressed!" - Cathy Drumm, Trainer, Coach, Clinician

“Heidi Potter’s Open Mind, Open Heart is a gem of a book. Potter weaves principles from the martial arts, Centered Riding™, and her own unique insights into a style of horsemanship that is not only fresh and inventive, but also infinitely practical. Heidi Potter’s book is as close as you can get to having an inspiring teacher right there in the barn with you.” - Karen Elizabeth Baril, Freelance writer whose features appear regularly in Equus Magazine, the Equine Journal and on infoHorse.com.

"I LOVE your book. Every time I go out to feed, do my chores or spend time with my 5 Horses I am "mindful and quiet". My heart becomes so overwhelmed with the love, connection and peace I feel. I feel we have more communication than ever before. Thank you Heidi"

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