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Heidi Potter is a professional horsewoman who is well known and respected for her clear, kind and consistent style of teaching and training. Horses and humans alike benefit from her extensive knowledge and gentle approach. As a natural style trainer she specializes in the gentle and progressive way of working with horses. Her ability to read the horse and then progress with calmness, clarity and consistency has proven successful in building trusting and respectful partnerships between horses and their humans. More >

Open Heart, Open Mind, by Heidi Potter
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Now available - Heidi's new book

A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship

Heidi's recently completed book, Open Heart, Open Mind is now available! Click here for a peek at the contents and introduction.

Open Heart, Open Mind was written for the horse and the horse lover. Follow Heidi, Master Instructor, Clinician and Trainer as she shares how the value of mindfulness, understanding and compassion towards horses will guide you to a truly natural and holistic form of horsemanship, one based on understanding and connection, rather than dominance. Discover how her journey in Traditional Martial Arts and the application of Eastern Philosophies combine to create the “Five Elements of Successful Horsemanship”, Breathing, Centering, Grounding, Awareness, Mindfulness, and Blending. Learn how these elements can enhance your horsemanship along with your daily life.

This 140 page, beautifully illustrated book includes exercises, case studies, lessons in horsemanship and the successes and failures of working with horses of many levels, ages, breeds and temperaments. Does your horse have any undesirable behaviors that you would like to change? Read about Positive Reinforcement Training methods and how they can be used to reshape those behaviors in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner.

This book has something for all horse lovers, whether you are an accomplished equestrian, an educated trainer, a therapy program volunteer or brand new to horses. Order your copy today and take the first step in creating a more enjoyable, safe, trusting partnership with your equine friend.

Upcoming Events

Heidi Potter
Sharon Wilsie

April 21-23, 2018
Creating Harmony with Horse Speak
Heidi Potter and Sharon Wilsie

Sharon Wilsie and Heidi Potter have partnered to offer a clinic like no other. Combined they bring over 80 years of horse experience, a passion for teaching, a sense of humor and a commitment to helping horses and their humans.

Sharon Wilsie and Heidi Potter have partnered to offer a clinic like no other. Combined they bring over 80 years of horse experience, a passion for teaching, a sense of humor and a commitment to helping horses and their humans. Using principals derived from their training in traditional martial arts, Heidi and Sharon will set students on a journey of deeper understanding about themselves, the world around them and how it all affects their horse’s behavior.

This 3-day clinic is about approaching horsemanship from a patient, compassionate, heart centered place, beginning with mindfulness and self-awareness. Through interactive exercises, herd observation and hands-on application, participants will learn the fundamentals of Horse Speak. Understanding horses’ incredibly subtle communication system and how to offer a meaningful and appropriate response will bring your horsemanship skills to a new level. The lessons learned will set you on a pathway of understanding and give you the tools needed to help support horses, emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you are in search of a true form of Holistic Horsemanship then this clinic is for you. Join Sharon and Heidi, and experience what it is like to learn, laugh and love your way into your horse’s heart.

High Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, Sharon, VT
Host: Sue Miller 802-356-3386 or program@highhorses.org

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May 18-20, 2018

Hosted by Yankee Walkers

Horse Feathers Academy,
Mason, NH

Spring Tune-Up Clinic

Get Ready to Ride - Improve Comfort, Confidence & Communication!

Friday, May 18 1-5:00
Saturday and Sunday 9-5:00

This unique 3- day clinic is designed to help create more mutually respectful, safe, enjoyable relationships with your equine partner. Friday & Saturday include classroom theory, interactive exercises, in-hand skill building and mounted application. Sunday is a “Riders Choice” day consisting of individual mounted or unmounted sessions. This progressive format allows for true growth and positive changes.

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2018 Retreats

July 22-29, 2018

Bitterroot Ranch
Dubois, Wyoming

Heidi Potter Bitteroot Ranch trail ride

Centered Riding - Holistic Horsemanship Retreat

Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming

Join me for a memorable, all-inclusive week-long retreat at the beautiful Wyoming Bitterroot Ranch. Immerse yourself in horses by being and living with over 200 horses of varying breeds, abilities and training levels. Enjoy learning holistic horsemanship techniques designed to improve communication & understanding on the ground, Centered Riding lessons to improve overall balance, confidence & comfort, & guided pleasure trail rides in the vast Wyoming countryside. Participants will enjoy living in cozy, rustic cabins surrounded by mountains and streams, wholesome, healthy meals and time visiting the baby pasture. Optional activities include Yoga, a rodeo, cattle sorting and square dancing.

For more info contact Hadley Fox
hadley@equitours.com; 800-545-0019

Photos from the 2016 clinic >

About Bitterroot Ranch >

2017 Retreat Info (2018 will be similar)>

September 9-16, 2018

Mackinac Community Equestrian Center
Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Community Horseman's Association

Holistic Horsemanship Trail Riders Retreat

Mackinac Community Equestrian Center
Mackinac Island, Michigan

Journey back in time on Mackinac Island, well known for its miles of horse trails, beautiful scenery, history and it's adherence to the 1898 ordinance banning "horseless" carriages, aka, the automobile. Retreat guests will enjoy a simpler way of life while learning more about creating trusting and enjoyable relationships with horses.

This unique retreat offers riders of all disciplines and levels, from walk/trot to seasoned competitors, a chance to slow down and embrace all that Heidi’s approach to Holistic Horsemanship has to offer. Guests will be transported daily via horse taxi from the Inn to the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center.

This educational and inspirational week will include workshops, in-hand work, mounted instruction and trail rides all designed to improve comfort, confidence and communication both on the ground and in the saddle.

Retreat limited to 12 participants plus non-riding guests. Don’t delay in reserving your spot!


Retreat guests will be staying in the Summer House Suites at the historic Inn at Stonecliffe (https://www.theinnatstonecliffe.com) Every suite features a mini-fridge, wet bar, microwave, separate living room and bedroom quarters decorated in light Victorian style with a modern twist. You’ll love the tranquility and relaxation offered by the heated pool, lush, rolling lawns and breathtaking views from atop the bluff of the Inn.

Non-Riding Guests Welcomed!

The Stonecliffe Inn has offered a special discounted rate for friends or family members to join you for this magical getaway. The fee includes a healthful daily breakfast. With so many nearby activities to bike, hike or horse taxi to there is plenty to do on this beautiful historic island.

To learn more visit: www.mackinachorses.org/riding-retreat

For Reservations of further questions contact the MCEC Director Ashley Day: info@mackinachorses.org, 906.847.8034

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